Condor Security Enterprises had built a unique Planet where our customers can find the required conditions for a Safe and Secure Life. The Condor Planet has developed a holistic universe of services designed to fit your requirements. This planet has found a harmony between Strategy, Operations, Prevention, Response, Resilience, all under one platform for serving your needs.The Condor Planet puts at your disposal a set of unique tools for connecting all the required dots for developing the required doctrine, policy, protocols and culture for dealing with different threats.With this multidisciplinary approach we have succeeded in building unique services and products that close a huge gap between Prevention and Response, Defensive and offensive Tactics, Information and Intelligence, Observation and Identification. These terms mean many different things in theory, but in practice they are a mainframe of the security culture of your organization
Come visit our planet and feel our experience, understanding, directness, and capability to know your organization and operational challenges.